Thursday, September 22, 2011


This blog is the love child of two experiences. First, it was created out of frustration with the current offering of training materials for Section II of the GAMSAT. When I sat the test, I attained a score of 76 on Section II, and of all of the training materials I have reviewed, candidates I have tutored or people I have spoken to since, nobody or no training material has been able to identify a systematic approach to this section. Indeed, many of them are downright deceptive. This brings me to my second experience. About half-way through my science degree, I realised that entrepreneurship was something that fascinated me. I was and still am attracted to the egalitarian nature of it -  at the heart of being an entrepreneur is the ability to have an idea, and anyone can have an idea!  Therefore, I've decided that I should answer the call and do something regarding Section II of the GAMSAT. I've decided to do three things: 1) write my own guide on the section based on my personal experience of sitting the test; 2) run a 2 day training course on 26 and 27 November with follow up testing (more details to follow) and 3) engage in private tutoring. This blog will serve as a medium by which I can communicate to anyone interested in Section II of the test. If you are going to sit GAMSAT, my hope is that this blog will assist you to formulate a strategy that will work for you on the day.

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